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Pick the Right Property for You

We have the right Property for you to get the most of our Land offers a wide range of selected top properties in the area but which one is the best for you and for your travel companions?  It’s easy to pick the right one At your service: all info provided by Locals! All…

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Travels & Sustainable Properties

We made the Choice! And You? Any single act counts to save our endangered planet, so spread the voice.  Any day is the good day to change bad habits and do the right choice for our future and the future of next generations Why Sustainable Travel? We all know that our planet is beautiful and…

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Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre

A selection of our videos for Winter Holidays in the Riviera

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Our Brand Our Vision

We Live on a Fragile World – Let’s Travel Sustainable The Cinque Terre, the National Park where we are blessed to live and work, is a fragile Land and the precise microcosmic image of our Globe.  We must be aware that each single action we daily take can make the difference on the path to…

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