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Helpie FAQ

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Getting Started

  • Payments

    Payment procedure for our reservations

    Cinque Terre Riviera website is a secure server and all cards are managed through or Gestpay by Banca Sella in accordance with all international safety and protection laws.

    Payments will be possible online via Credit Card or via Wire Transfer

    We can accept online major cards company as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

    When booking online you will be requested to pay a 30% downpayment if booking is made more than 2 weeks before your arrival and if you choose a standard rate.

    If we send you a manual booking link with a special quotation downpayment will have to be done within 24/48 hours depending on type of service requested. Not receiving your payment within deadline, the reservation will be automatically canceled without notice.

    You shall pay your Final Payment 2 weeks prior to the Arrival Date if you pay credit card or wire transfer unless the rate you booked requires full payment at time of reservation.

    City Tax are included in your bill but will have to paid locally cash to our office or left in the properties at check-out.

    ATM machines can be found in any of the Cinque Terre Villages.

    Final cleanings are usually included in our rates and have to be paid along your rental unless different agreement are taken before your arrival.

  • Stairs & Steps – you can’t escape them in the 5 terre!

    Cinque Terre – climbing up & down

    The Cinque Terre National Park is a complicate “residential” area where houses steal space to the rocks.

    The architecture of our buildings remembers the same of towers. The “skyscraper” building concept belongs to this land and it is much older than the one of  modern urban agglomerates. Our buildings grew one close to other, one wall served as the following house wall in a chain that runs almost uninterrupted in the village centres. Only now and then a tiny space is left for a narrow road, here called “carugio”. The interruptions run in between the “palazzate” and create a sort of labyrinth that tuned out a great defensive way in ancient times.

    The houses built this way occupate the least amount of soil. They are one close to the other, for many historical reason: space saving, concrete and rocks saving, energy saving, defensive reasons, climatic reasons…

    And so we have STEPS. Steps  are the only way to have access to rooms and apartments.

    No elevators can be added. Sop no use writing in a review “the house has no elevator”. No ancient building can have an elevator in the Cinque Terre

    That’s our way of living in the Cinque Terre.

    Owners started to open their houses many years ago to travellers. Now, year after year, they did a lot to improve them, but they cannot change their houses structure.

    So, we are sorry, but we have  to say that guests with walking difficulties will have troubles in choosing this land as their holiday destinations.

    We rent very a few properties with easy access (MainettaPetrellaVentu de Ma Studio 1Rissu RoomCamaella,…) and most of the train stations have no elevators.

    Book them early in advance if you want to face less steps to reach your rental.

    Best points of interest are accessible only through uphill walks. 

    Said that, it is anyway charming inhabiting as a local these typical tower houses. They often disclose magical indoor courts, strange staircases, lovely patios and unique views. We, at Cinque Terre Riviera, will guide you finding your way to the best property for your needs.

  • Trains – the best way to the Cinque Terre

    Jump on a train and visit the Cinque Terre!

    The best way to visit the Cinque Terre villages is by train (even if they might be overcrowded in peak hours); due to a growing of number of visitors the Park receives from April to October, they are always crowded especially in peak hours (mid morning – mid-afternoon). ADVANCE PURCHASE

    We suggest guests to buy train tickets  on our website in advance, so to avoid long queues at train stations. Select your language first and you'll see it's easy and fast.

    You can buy from the same link also the Cinque Terre Cards with train option. Go to OFFERS AND REGIONAL SERVICES - MULTI SERVICE CARDS  -  TRAIN SCHEDULE VALIDATION OF TICKETS AND CINQUE TERRE CARD WITH TRAIN OPTION Remember to validate your tickets and cards ALWAYS before the train departure. High and unpleasant fines might fall on you. PEAK HOURS AND WISE USE OF TRAINS Train run frequently and if you find a train is already full, wait for the following one 10 to 15 minutes later! No need to get squeezed in the coach! LUGGAGE Travel as much light as possible. In VERNAZZA we do provide a Stayluggage service open from March to End of October 9:30 a.m. 6:30 p.m. You can drop there the non necessary bags and reach your property only with the essential stuff.


    Beware of pickpockets on train tracks and onboard. Usually gipsy girls in disguise appearing like tourists, wearing sunglasses, sun hats and shorts. They try to distract you when  you are on the coach, attracting you attention out of the train windows, and stealing your bags already on board, or they try to divide your family party so that you, caring for your children or relatives do not pay attention to them stealing from your pockets or bags.


    Villages have narrow and small train stations. Please, be aware not to stand close to tracks. It is always extremely risky.

    More on train service and the Cinque Terre Express tickets on our blog page.  


    Travel light, travel happy!

    It is always advisable to travel light to the Cinque Terre. Most of the villages train stations have no elevators and trains are often crowded.

    Just Euro 5 BAG/DAY

    and your trip will be easier and lighter

    But we have good news! In Vernazza storing your luggage has never been so easy! STAYLUGGAGE IS THERE FOR YOU. Open From March to October everyday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. If you want to leave your bags while in Cinque Terre, our luggage storage in Vernazza is the place to be. Book it in advance through our APP on IOS and ANDROID IF YOU HAVE A RESERVATION WITH ASK FOR DEDICATED COUPON CODE!  You’ll get 50% discount on storage!
  • Self-Catering private properties – just a few words

    What’s like renting a private property?

    The pleasure of finding your own home far from home!

    Here the comforts of renting a private property, get more space and save money! Our website provides accommodation mostly at private properties. They are self-catering. It means that as property mangers we provide the basics to welcome you into your rented property:
    • linens & towels
    • hand soap & shampoo
    • toilet paper
    • dishwasher and washing machine soap when washing machines and dishwashers are available
    • breakfast kit for the very first day of breakfast
    • oil, vinegar, salt, sugar in case of properties with kitchen facilities
    As welcome gift Cinque Terre Riviera caters for the majority of our properties a survival first breakfast kit. So you won’t have to rush to the cafeteria in the morning for a cup of coffee! Or when you reach our property and you are hungry you will find a survival snack. In compliance with the Cinque Terre National Park Rules we do use BIOLOGICAL cleaning products and all food items, like extra virgin olive oil for instance, come from local, top quality producers (Lucchi e Guastalli). Guests are then requested to buy lacking products just when they come to end. There are small supermarkets and groceries stores in all the villages at short distance from properties, so it will be easy to pick up needed products for a happy staying at our rentals. We also care everyday to offer comfortable, clean and welcoming properties, most of the time with amazing views. We always personally check and select high quality properties and want to offer them to our guests with a personal and human touch. All Cinque Terre Riviera properties  can be put on the rental market with  high management costs, given the difficult area where properties are located. They cannot always meet hotel and elevated standards being authentic private properties where owners accommodate their guests. In this area it is strictly forbidden to build new constructions and old ones have to be preserved as they are. So do not expect all these properties always have AC, for instance. They have, anyway, a long history and family traditions  inside and that’s what a Cinque Terre house must be sought for.

    Our service has high management costs for the difficult area where properties are located, but we are proud of it. We love help you finding the apartment ready to be lived as if you were at home.

    Guests have only to buy lacking products when they come to end. This is valid for toilet paper, too!

    There are small supermarkets and groceries stores in all the villages at short distance from properties. Our assistants are always ready to show their location. It will be easy for you to pick up all necessary products for a happy staying at our rentals.



  • Showers & Boilers – yes, this is a tough topic!

    Surviving the Cinque Terre Showers & Boilers!

    The majority of our rentals has showers instead of bathtubs, but, very often, hot water is provided though small electric boilers due to lack of space or lack of gas connection.

    Go Green in the Cinque Terre and at home!

    It means that very long showers cannot be taken, 2 people can shower with the same charge of hot water, but you will have to change your usual habit and not keep water running while soaping.

    This will help saving water, which is always a good thing for our planet!

    Consider that boilers recharge quickly, anyway, so after 10 minutes it is possible for a second/third person to have a shower again.

    Our owners do a lot to improve their properties and recently most of the owners have installed energy saving with high performance.
  • Tap Water is Drinkable
    Yes! Tap water is drinkable in all the Cinque Terre and in La Spezia. Do not use plastic and fill your bottles in safety! We do provide in each Cinque Terre Riviera property a Glass Water bottle to do our small part on the journey to Save our Planet!  
  • Sustainable Travels

    We Live in a Fragile World - Let's Travel Sustainable

    The Cinque Terre, the National Park where we are blessed to live and work, is a fragile Land and the precise microcosmic image of our Globe. We must be aware that each single action we daily take can make the difference on the path to preserve our Nature and to stop the Climate Change. We can’t do miracles, but we can change an attitude. No more wasting, no more plastic, yes to recycling and to consume wisely! Glass Water Bottle in all our properties! Say no to Plastic Bottles!
    Please, read our Manifesto and Commitment and join us on the way to SAVE OUR PLANET!
  • Beds – sleeping the Italian way!

    Beds – sleeping the Italian way! We have other standards!

    Italian bed sizes might be different from those used at your own home
    • Standard Italian Double Bed, “letto matrimoniale”, is 160 cm wide. It is what internationally is called Queen Size Bed.
    • King Size Bed is 180 cm wide, but it rarely can be found in Italy.
    • French Size Bed, “letto alla francese”, is 140 cm wide and it might be often found in Italian private properties since rooms, especially in the Cinque Terre, are small, due to the restricted building areas owners had to build their own houses. Every inch is important here and sometimes, when missing, owners need to use clever ways to enlarge their homes sleeping capacity, now as it was in the past!
  • Plug your devices

    All you need to know to plug your devices

    Plugs, adapters and converters – yes, they are different here!

    When packing for a travel to Italy consider that the electrical system is different from that one of your country: different voltage of the current – here 220 ac – and different shape of sockets and plugs – here 2 or 3 holes.
    • 2 or 3 pins
    • grounded
    • 10 A & 16 A
    • 220 – 240 V

    The circular one, also know as Schuko, German standard, is today very popular in Italy for many devices

    • 2 pins
    • grounded
    • 16 A
    • 220 – 240 V
    • socket compatible with plug types C, E & F


    Newer appliances are set so to accept both voltages (US 110 and EU 220), eventually actioning a switch on them.

    If your device does not show 110-220, it means that if you plug it it will be destroyed and, to prevent this, you need to buy an adapter (you can easily find them at local hardware stores home, online on Amazon or, if you forgot to buy them, they can be found at airports duty free stores). In the Cinque Terre it is difficult, if not impossible, to find them at local stores, so, consider it before reaching the area. 

  • Hiking – Cinque Terre, the hiking kingdom!

    Hiking – 5 terre, the hiking kingdom!

    Hiking is the primary activity in the Cinque Terre National Park.

    The hiking network is vast and amazing. We’ll introduced you to the magical world of the Cinque Terre Hiking Trails! Please, always read carefully all info provided by the Cinque Terre National Park. Any village (plus la Spezia and Levanto) has its own Park Office at the train station and there you can buy hiking cards and get maps plus info on open paths. You can get info in advance checking the Cinque Terre National Park website. We do suggest you buying the Cinque Terre Card + Train online. It's available at the link on our website. In Vernazza there’s a specialized hiking store, Vernazza Sport, that sells all kind of detailed maps hiking gears. They also rent hiking poles so that you do not have to carry them along with you from home. You can get info in advance checking the Cinque Terre National Park website.

    Please, wear proper garments and shoes to climb the hills and follow the paths. Pay attention to Hiking Rules and Alert Notices!

  • One night stay in each town? Not a good idea!

    Why should you choose to stay longer than one or two nights

    The nicest and larger properties in the area do not accept just one night, unless your reservation is close to arrival date.

    And it is totally not advisable to change location every day. You would spend all your time in checking in and out, dragging baggages from one place to the other, going up and down of often crowded trains, waiting for check-in times: check-out is at 10:00 and check-in at 15:00.

    We definitely suggest to rent a place for a longer stay and then do your visit from there.

    The 5 villages are just 5 minutes ride one from the other so no trouble in reaching them without bags by train or by boat or even walking.

    You would enjoy the area much more! Trust a local!

  • The Cinque Terre “Open Air Museum”

    The Cinque Terre are Liguria Open Air Museum!

    Our Manifesto and behavioral suggestions to keep this land intact for our future generations.

    Nature here is our masterpiece. And men and women who made and still make life and farming or fishing here possible are a masterpiece as well!

    As any museum, the Cinque Terre require respect of rules to preserve the magic of this blessed land, where Nature is the master and we are just temporary guests

    This is still a natural land, please help us keep it like this!

    The Cinque Terre are like an Open Air Museum, where  living Nature and People at work are the most precious pieces.

    A few elementary rules have to be respected to enter this amazing Museum.

    We have to act as if we were visiting a far relative, a friend we have not seen in years.

    We enter his home, we dine with him, we respect his habits and he fills us with the warmest of welcome.

    We enjoy his wine, but do not exceed with it.

    We taste the delicious dishes of his table, but we do not waste anything.

    We are happy to help him to keep his house clean.

    We speak low and follow our friend’s advice when going at sea.

    We avoid traveling in this protected area by car and, if we are forced to do it, we have to stay informed before the arrival on where to park our vehicle.

    We do not look for big supermarkets here, people defend small stores where food is genuine and produced locally.

    We do not look for high fashion branded stores here, but we try to spot the most peculiar artisan workshops.

    We do not look for entirely air conditioned apartments here, summers are never too hot and houses are wisely built, big stone walls that keep places warm in winter and cool in summer.  And when AC is available we use it responsibly!

    We do not  waste water and energy needlessly.


  • Are there groceries stores in Vernazza?
    Yes, sure! You can find a lovely groceries store DA PINO in the main street of the village. Still in the main street there's a tiny supermarket Coop. They are all located along the main street. Please, check opening and closing hours.
  • Are there groceries stores in Monterosso?
    Of course! Monterosso has groceries and food stores both in the old town and in Fegina area. You will find lots of local food there, especially lemons, which, along with anchovies, are extremely good and renowned!
  • Are there groceries stores in Manarola?
    Even Manarola, which is small, has it's own small supermarket and groceries stores. These villages are normally inhabited by locals who have to do daily shopping for their families!
  • Restaurants – oh là là! that’s the best part!

    For the foodish person in you !

    Quality and number of restaurants is high in the Cinque Terre villages. Most of them are family run business and located in small villages; any of them work and struggles to get and maintain a good reputation. So freely choose! You won’t be disappointed!

    Our recipes are simple and natural, based on a long lasting tradition that has its fundamentals on the poor and healthy kitchen of our ancestors with small portions of land and limited resources.

    Consider that some restaurants (but not all of them) serve food all they long, but normally stop service at night around 9:30 10:00 pm, since most of their staff resides out of the villages and depend on trains.

    You can also find Dining and Shopping suggestions on our Tourist Guide 

    Vernazza has lots of restaurants:

    • two restaurants perched on  the rocks offering amazing sea views Belforte and Al Castello.
    • amazing views restaurant La Torre at the beginning of the trail to Corniglia
    • family style Trattoria del Capitano in the main square and Il Baretto in the main street
    • gourmet restaurant Da Sandro near the train station
    • lovely Gambero Rosso and two pizzerias Baia Saracena by the pier and Vulnetia in the main square
    • typical Da Piva in one of the back streets
    • famous Gianni Franzi in the main square

    and then so many in all the other villages, just to mention a few

    And here a few hints for Monterosso:

    Da MikiCiakIl PozzoDa Oscar, Da ElyTorre AuroraAncora della Tortuga and Altamarea  And Enoteca Internazionale, great place for tasting local wines and food. Plus pizzeria La Smorfia.

    And in Corniglia

    excellent Da Mananan and Da Cecio

    Here just a few in Manarola:

    sea view Dal Billy, top rate gourmet street food Cappun MagroAristide and Marina Piccola. And excellent for wines and focaccia, A Pie de Campu.

    In Riomaggiore:

    romantic and exquisite Rio Bistro, Dau Cila, Grotto and Grottino plus A Pie de Ma famous for its wine canteen and its views.

    We’ll be happy to provide on arrival quick info on the best dishes and places for your lovely lunches and dinners in the area. So, do not be afraid to ask!
  • The Cinque Terre National Park

    The most visited Italian National Park

    The Cinque Terre National Park is a marvelous adventure, an amazing experience worth visiting once in a lifetime. We always suggest our guests and visitors to face it with understanding and preparation. This is not an easy land. It is difficult to reach it, to drive to it, to park in it, to move around. It requires culture and respect. We invite you to visit our page dedicated to Tips & Facts. We often receive reviews with negative opinion on the properties we manage saying “there are too many steps”. Well, steps are our real life, you can’t avoid going up and down steps in the Cinque Terre. This is just an example to show you why coming to any place information on the environment we are going to visit is from where we have tort from. The Cinque Terre National Park offers  info and suggestions to all visitors. Please, read the park advice, specially those related to the trails and pay maximum attention to the weather alerts provided by Arpal. Cinque Terre means Five Lands, a reference to the five, small villages that populate a coastline of about 20 kilometers on the northwestern coast of Italy. The region is called Liguria. Liguria includes Genova (of Christopher Columbus fame).
  • Weather Alert – Do not underestimate the alert messages!

    Weather Alerts are important

    The Cinque Terre National Park and all its villages are a delicate natural area. On the experience of the devastation past flood of 2011, authorities may issue weather alerts in case of severe conditions. We may have  Yellow, Orange, Red (the most serious one) Weather Alerts . In case of red weather alert, guests, checking in that day, cannot reach the area and they must stop in safer villages/towns before approaching the park.

    All the guests occupying low floors properties, if at flooding risk, will have to move to higher floors properties if available or to move to a safer property in other villages. Assistance will be provided, of course, for this relocation.

    In case of weather alert cars won’t be allowed to remain parked over the villages and they will have to be taken far from the critical areas. As per our rental agreement no refund is due in case of weather calamities (but we can still ask owners to consider an eventual refund).

    More on the Arpal Agency website

    As per our rental agreement no refund is due in case of weather calamities, but we can still ask owners to consider an eventual refund.

    Please, respect these alerts for your own safety and for helping all Locals and Authorities to protect all the people in the Park.

  • Our Local Assistants – they are proud to welcome you!

    When you book a Cinque  Terre Riviera Holiday your check-in will be smooth and easy.

    Along with your check-in info you will receive info on eventual presence of a local assistant in Vernazza, Manarola and Monterosso. Our amazing assistants (eventually with basic English) are more than happy to answer your questions and introduce you to the marvelous Cinque Terre region. If arrival time is within check-in ours 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. our assistant will be in the village to handle you your apartment keys and to show you the apartment. Late check-in times can be requested in advance and may require an extra charge if assisted Self check-in info will be provided so to avoid travelers to skip extra fees. Any property has, anyway, individual rules, and ad hoc check-in info will be provided once booking will be completed.

    If your arrival is within standard time, 3:00 6:30 here how check-in will we work

    If you reservation is in Vernazza:

    • one of our local assistants will meet you at our office and then after completing check-in procedures one of them will show you the way to your property. He/she will of help calling a porter in case you would need help with bags, at extra charge unless your reservation says the service is included. Our staff won’t carry your bags, though.
    If your reservation is in Manarola or Monterosso
    • one of our local assistants will meet you at the property you have booked and he/she will give all the info on your rental. If not present we will provide you all info to pick keys by yourself and this way you can check-in anytime

    Late check-in times can be requested in advance and may require an extra charge if assisted. We do suggest to AVOID LATE CHECK-INS. The area is difficult to be reached, especially by car at night, car parking situation is complicate and car parking with assistance will be closed after 7:30 p.m., addresses and streets are not well via Google maps since not mapped yet,

    So, unless you follow our directions step by step, you might have hard time at night in finding your way to your rental. Definitely plan your trip with an early arrival to the Cinque Terre, moving your check-in to the following day if you preview you might arrive late. 

    Self check-in info will be provided so to avoid travelers to skip extra fees. Any property has, anyway, individual rules, and ad hoc check-in info will be provided once booking will be completed.traceable 

  • Cars and car parking spots

    Let’s get rid of cars when possible!

  • Heating – yes, we are forced by law to respect rules!

    Yes, we are forced by law to respect rules!

    According to the Italian Law heating can be turned on only from Nov 08th to April 7th - 19° Maximum and 11 hours per day maximum. Out of that period all owners are punishable and risk to pay high fees. So heating won’t be running from April 1st to Oct 31st, unless, due to exceptional weather conditions, Italian Authorities authorize owners to do so. Sorry, if we won’t be turn heating on. We will provide extra blankets in case of exceptional cold weather out of those dates. Consider to bring extra clothes, since weather in Italy might not be as you expect!

    But we’ll do our best to bring sunshine for you!

  • Garbage

    Help us run a clean Cinque Terre Park!

    Your cooperation is welcome to keep the area clean!

    Since 2017 there are strict rules in the Park for recycling. Please, accurately watch them as visitors and resident guest. If you rented a room or an apartment with us please, check the recycling rules in your property. Our assistants will take care of the removal of garbage on your check-outs. 

    But, please, differentiate.

  • Cinque Terre Card

    How to get the Cinque Terre Card

    Since 2001 the Cinque Terre National Park has adopted a service card, the Cinque Terre Card and the Cinque Terre Card Treno MS, the latter being the result of an agreement with Trenitalia S.p.A. Le Cinque Terre Card aims to enable people to use the services supplied by the Cinque Terre National Park Authority, and it represents a kind of self-financing. The proceeds of the Cinque Terre Cards are mainly aimed at the upkeep and the recovery of the territory, and to allow the transport services within the territory as well. The Card is on sale at the Cinque Terre Park Welcome Centres in all major train stations from La Spezia to Levanto. How to use the Card The Card bears the user’s full name and may not be used by others. Before using a card, the user’s name (or the head of the family’s name in case of family cards) must be written on the back. Cards must be shown to inspectors together with a valid identity document. Cards must be stamped at Trenitalia’s stamping machines when taking the first train ride. Children under 4 travel on the trains and use the Park services for free if accompanied by an adult in possession of a Card. BE INFORMED THAT IN CASE OF ORANGE AND/OR RED WEATHER WARNING, THE SALE OF ALL SERVICE CARDS WILL BE SUSPENDED Services supplied by the “Trekking Card” and the “Trekking Card” Strutture Ricettive
    • Access to the Park Area
    • Guided visits, depending on the planning
    • Poetic Nature Paths Parco Letterario Eugenio Montale and Parco delle Cinque Terre according to the program
    • Use of the Bus Services managed by ATC within the villages
    • Use of the toilets with fee
    • Participation in the workshops of the Park’s Environmental Education Center, depending on the planning
    • WI-FI internet connection in the Park’s Hot Spots
    • Reduced-price ticket to visit the Civic Museums in La Spezia (Amedeo Lia, Castello San Giorgio, CAMeC, Sigillo, Palazzina delle Arti, Etnografico, Diocesano)
    Services supplied by the “Treno MS Card” and “Carta Treno MS Strutture Ricettive”
    • Second class travel with the regional and fast regional trains (except for the IC/ICN/FB trains) in the route Levanto – La Spezia (and vice versa)
    • Access to the Park area
    • Poetic Nature Paths Parco Letterario Eugenio Montale and Parco delle Cinque Terre according to the program
    • Guided visits, depending on the planning
    • Use of the Bus Services managed by ATC within the villages
    • Use of the toilets with fee
    • Participation in the workshops of the Park’s Environmental Education Center, depending on the planning
    • WI-FI internet connection in the Park’s Hot Spots
    • Reduced-price ticket to visit the Civic Museums in La Spezia (Amedeo Lia, Castello San Giorgio, CAMeC, Sigillo, Palazzina delle Arti, Etnografico, Diocesano)

    * The “Cinque Terre Card and Cinque Terre Card Treno MS” can be purchased at the Welcome Centers of the Cinque Terre National Park and online.


    More on Cinque Terre National park pages.

  • Check-Out – we are sorry you have to leave !

    We are sorry you have to leave!!!

    Standard check-out time for our properties is 10:00 (10:30 maximum). We necessarily have to ask our guests to respect these times. Since we rent private properties, not hotel rooms, and since check-in time starts at 3:00 our maids need time to clean and prepare the property for the incoming guests.

    Each property will have proper check-out rules though and those will all be given in your voucher.

    Please, ask for them at check-in in case you have any doubt regarding key drop-off.

    A late check-out can be granted on request  and only one day before departure if following arrival and staff situation allow it. Please, check with our office team if you need to check-out after 10:00 a.m.
  • Check-In !

    Check-in! How it works here in the Cinque Terre

    Standard check-in time for our properties is 3:00 to 6:00 pm. We necessarily have to ask our guests to respect these times. Cinque Terre Riviera office for Vernazza Check-Ins Early check-in is usually hard to get since we rent private properties, not hotel rooms, and since check-out time is maximum 10:30 we need time to clean and prepare the property for the incoming guests. When possible, if incoming guests arrive earlier than 3:00 pm, we can check they can at least drop their bags at their property and then settle later when the unit is clean and ready. This can only be considered on arrival, depending on maids working plan. Late check-in must be always planned in advance since most of the owners do not reside in the villages and our office closes at 6:00. The area is difficult. Our local assistants, who live in La Spezia and only can move by train. They can do ASSISTED LATE CHECK-IN if planned in advance  but only at extra charge (from 30,00 to 100,00 euros depending on chosen property) and anyway arrival time will have to be within 10:00 pm since otherwise they might have no trains to go back home. STAYLUGGAGE service extends your stay! If you are in Vernazza do not worry. You can check-out normally at 10:00 a.m and drop your bags at Stayluggage, next to Cinque Terre Riviera Office. Our guests benefits of 50% DISCOUNT on standard price, so you will pay 2.50 euros instead of 5.00 euro if you have rented a Cinque Terre Riviera property. Ask for your CouponCode and download our APP (IOS and Android) All guests who feel they do not need assistance at check-in can  request SELF LATE CHECK-IN. We will provide all detailed, necessary instructions to get their keys and enter their apartment. NO WORRIES!
  • Airbnb Guests

    Airbnb Guests: don’t be surprised the owner is not here!

    We have many many guests coming from Airbnb reservations and lots of amazing reviews. But some of our Airbnb guests say that they were disappointed since not welcomed directly by owners so their approach to the Cinque Terre was not familiar and warm as they expected to be. Owners, unfortunately, do not live in these villages since they made a choice, years ago, to rent their own properties   in an area where hotels cannot be found and cannot be built, in respect with environmental rules of the Cinque Terre National Park. We, at Cinque Terre Riviera, work for them as managing directors and welcome their guests taking care of them as if we were the owners. Unfortunately, during high season and with many check-ins at a time, sometimes we have to quicken arrival formalities so to be of help to to highest number of guests. Sorry, about that, but consider we always do our best to listen to all our customers needs and provide the best possible assistance, weather they made a booking directly with us or on Airbnb.
  • WiFi – do not go to the 5 terre if good WIFI is a must

    GOOD WIFI SERVICE: that’s a miracle! So be surprised if that happens!

    Unfortunately the  phone companies in the area for several reasons, some joined to the territory morphology, do not provide an excellent INTERNET line.

    So WIFI is often an issue in the Cinque Terre and some reviews, even the most enthusiastic and positive ones, mention disappointment for WIFI service provided (or not provided).

    We do our best to offer the service, but we are not responsible for any failure! You are advised!

    So we need to point out a few basic info on this argument.

    Being the Cinque Terre a National Park with ancient buildings and reduced ways to add phone lines and repeaters (they would inevitably destroy the environment !). WIFI SERVICE IS INEVITABLY BAD OR LACKING.

    Where possible, owners and property managers struggle to provide the best available service, but it must be clear to all the Cinque Terre Lovers and Travellers, who choose this destination to discover Nature and Landscapes, that they they cannot get, at the same time, CITY LIKE services. 

    A lack in comfort and civilised (and stressful) services is the compromise to be paid to get as close as possible to Nature.

    Most of the owners that offer complimentary WIFI to their guests, also struggle, everyday, to offer comfortable, clean and welcoming properties, most of the time with amazing views, and always with a personal and human touch and with high management costs (given the difficult area where properties are located). 

    It is really frustrating for all of them knowing, at the end of their guests staying, that the only comment is on their wifi service or receiving bad reviews just for this.

    To our customers we offer a free HOT SPOT. It works near Cinque Terre Riviera Office, in Vernazza. You can spot it under the name FREEwiMAN. This service is acceptable and well working 24/24 for all guests having Google or Facebook accounts and that’s what we can do to help our guests not staying disconnected when in the Cinque Terre. Please, consider has a limited duration of a few hours per visitor per day. So remember to log in and off during the day so that you do not extinguish all your daily credit.

    Most of he pubs and restaurants also offer free wifi against purchase.

    We hope, anyway, that a holiday in Vernazza and in all the other villages will not be spoiled by the lack of the internet. 

    We would say that NO WIFI is a plus! Enjoy your holiday, have fun and relax! 

    There’s so much out of the WEB and in your HEARTS to be explored!


  • Ants, no panic, they are clean and they were here before you!

    Ants no panic!

    No panic, their are clean and they were here before you!

    Any room and apartment we manage is cleaned and sanitized at any check-out. So, no insect is supposed to be in there, but we live in a National Park where Nature is the Master. So small insects access to a property is unpredictable. Ants and other harmless insects can be tempted to enter, especially, soon after guests arrival, feeling new odors or finding food, especially cookies crumbles in the bags carried in. So, please, do not leave food around, keep sugar into the refrigerator if possible, so ants will look for a sweeter place where to place their patrol routes. Most of the guests, actually, say that there were no ants on arrival, but then the small intruders appeared as a magic. It’s no magic, but often just the food we have brought along with our trip goods. We provide ants cages and sprays if necessary.
  • Destination Weddings in the Cinque Terre

    Getting married in the CT? What a romance!

    All you need to know. General Rules

    Residency Requirement: None Necessary Papers: for US couples – passports or armed forces ID cards, certified copies of birth certificates, proof of divorce or death certificate of former spouse/s (if applicable), declarations “atto notorio” sworn to by four people before an Italian consulate officer attesting that they know of no reason to object to the marriage under the laws of the couple’s home country, declaration sworn to by both parties that there are no obstacles to the marriage under U.S. law. Other countries: please send you enquiries Note: Certain documents must be translated into Italian with special “apostille” seals from the secretary of state from the state from which the documents originated. Additional requirements apply if one of the parties is an Italian citizen or resident of Italy. Requirements may vary by region and city. It is highly recommended that you work with a wedding planner to help you fulfill all requirements properly. A translator may be required to attend the wedding if neither the bride nor the groom speaks Italian. We can provide him/her. For More Info: Italian consulate nearest you; the Italian Government Tourist Board Office, (212) 245-5618; the local . Embassy or Consulate in Italy. VERY IMPORTANT We always suggest to contact own Embassy or Consulate and ask for updated and certified legal info for weddings abroad specifying you need to get married in Italy.

    Our Suggestion

    We always suggest our couples to have the official authentic civil right at home, at your local town hall, and then, to have a symbolic wedding here in the Cinque Terre absolutely cheaper and less stressful. We can provide venues both for large and small parties, all with amazing views. Either you are just a couple or you’ll come with relatives and friends, we’ll be able to offer you a memorable service that will remain in the heart of all.

    The Cinque Terre will be the perfect frame for your dreams!

  • Vernazza Destination Weddings

    The loveliest ceremony in the loveliest village of the Cinque Terre: Vernazza.

    Romance guaranteed! Amazing views, lovely spots and pictures, food and traditions will make the difference! Quick Facts on getting married in Vernazza. Civil weddings can be celebrated only at the town hall (eventually in the cloister) and are accepted against presentation of legal papers. The papers procedures are quite long and complicated and requires a high fee that in 2019 was 1000.00 euros. To this fee you will have to add wedding planning fees, that vary depending on guests, and all the additional services related to dining, guests, accommodation, photography and much more. The procedures are long, expensive and complex. Religious catholic weddings can take place in the beautiful, ancient Santa Margherita church by the waters. Against presentation of legal catholic church and civil papers both religious and civil rite can be celebrated by the Italian priest. All this can be done in cooperation with the Town Hall so the fee has to be paid to the Comune of Vernazza as well. If civil rite is extremely stressful and complicate, the religious and civil together might appear even harder and tiring for the couple and our wedding planning fees will be much higher due to the many hours dedicated to it

    Our Suggestion

    We always suggest our couples to have the official authentic civil right at home, at your local town hall, and then, to have a symbolic wedding here in Vernazza absolutely cheaper and less stressful. We can provide venues both for large and small parties, all with amazing views. Either you are just a couple or you’ll come with relatives and friends, we’ll be able to offer you a memorable service that will remain in the heart of all.

    Vernazza will be the perfect frame for your dreams!