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The Cinque Terre, the famous lovely five villages immerse in the homonym National Park, represent nowadays one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the world. Most of foreign travelers who plan a trip to Italy love to include the Cinque Terre as a stop in their journey. Nevertheless, there are facts and info that they need to know and those info can be hardly found reading here and there on the web or on tourist guides.

For this reason we love to summarize here in a visual way a collection of Facts and Tips to help all our travelers and Cinque Terre Lovers get easy guidelines and plan nicely their trip to our amazing land and our fantastic properties for rental!

It’s a hard land and reaching our villages and our properties might turn out tricky. But with our help you’ll be master of the Cinque Terre as a local!

Travel Tips for a first approach to the area

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More tips to know the basics of our Villages

the only one of the five with long & equipped beaches and with two car parking areas inside the village. It is also the largest and better choice during the low season being bigger and warmer
The most romantic of the 5 villages. Just one main street full of shops and restaurants leading to the marina. Around it tents of crowded rising backroads taking uphill amidst the typical houses of the village
This curious and quiet village is the only one completely perched on the top of a promontory about 100 meters high and, unlike the other localities of the Cinque Terre, Corniglia has not a pier and a marina.
Manarola, known as the “intellectual” village, may be the oldest of the five hamlets (cornerstone of S. Lorenzo Church dating back to 1338). Unique spots ad fantastic sunsets make it loved by visitors for its romance
The marina of this village appears as manifesto of the Cinque Terre in many ads and commercials all over the world. It is a bursting and lively place beloved mostly by youths
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