The Cinque Terre “Open Air Museum” | Cinque Terre Riviera

The Cinque Terre “Open Air Museum”

The Cinque Terre are Liguria Open Air Museum!

Our Manifesto and behavioral suggestions to keep this land intact for our future generations.

Nature here is our masterpiece. And men and women who made and still make life and farming or fishing here possible are a masterpiece as well!

As any museum, the Cinque Terre require respect of rules to preserve the magic of this blessed land, where Nature is the master and we are just temporary guests

This is still a natural land, please help us keep it like this!

The Cinque Terre are like an Open Air Museum, where  living Nature and People at work are the most precious pieces.

A few elementary rules have to be respected to enter this amazing Museum.

We have to act as if we were visiting a far relative, a friend we have not seen in years.

We enter his home, we dine with him, we respect his habits and he fills us with the warmest of welcome.

We enjoy his wine, but do not exceed with it.

We taste the delicious dishes of his table, but we do not waste anything.

We are happy to help him to keep his house clean.

We speak low and follow our friend’s advice when going at sea.

We avoid traveling in this protected area by car and, if we are forced to do it, we have to stay informed before the arrival on where to park our vehicle.

We do not look for big supermarkets here, people defend small stores where food is genuine and produced locally.

We do not look for high fashion branded stores here, but we try to spot the most peculiar artisan workshops.

We do not look for entirely air conditioned apartments here, summers are never too hot and houses are wisely built, big stone walls that keep places warm in winter and cool in summer.  And when AC is available we use it responsibly!

We do not  waste water and energy needlessly.