Stairs & Steps – you can’t escape them in the 5 terre! | Cinque Terre Riviera

Stairs & Steps – you can’t escape them in the 5 terre!

Cinque Terre – climbing up & down

The Cinque Terre National Park is a complicate “residential” area where houses steal space to the rocks.

The architecture of our buildings remembers the same of towers. The “skyscraper” building concept belongs to this land and it is much older than the one of  modern urban agglomerates. Our buildings grew one close to other, one wall served as the following house wall in a chain that runs almost uninterrupted in the village centres. Only now and then a tiny space is left for a narrow road, here called “carugio”. The interruptions run in between the “palazzate” and create a sort of labyrinth that tuned out a great defensive way in ancient times.

The houses built this way occupate the least amount of soil. They are one close to the other, for many historical reason: space saving, concrete and rocks saving, energy saving, defensive reasons, climatic reasons…

And so we have STEPS. Steps  are the only way to have access to rooms and apartments.

No elevators can be added. Sop no use writing in a review “the house has no elevator”. No ancient building can have an elevator in the Cinque Terre

That’s our way of living in the Cinque Terre.

Owners started to open their houses many years ago to travellers. Now, year after year, they did a lot to improve them, but they cannot change their houses structure.

So, we are sorry, but we have  to say that guests with walking difficulties will have troubles in choosing this land as their holiday destinations.

We rent very a few properties with easy access (MainettaPetrellaVentu de Ma Studio 1Rissu RoomCamaella,…) and most of the train stations have no elevators.

Book them early in advance if you want to face less steps to reach your rental.

Best points of interest are accessible only through uphill walks. 

Said that, it is anyway charming inhabiting as a local these typical tower houses. They often disclose magical indoor courts, strange staircases, lovely patios and unique views. We, at Cinque Terre Riviera, will guide you finding your way to the best property for your needs.